A participant in The Personal Genome Project, John is currently awaiting a stem cell line and gene chip for designer RNAi drugs. John's aim is to use personalized medicine for a tremendous healthspan.

As an infant, John's parents rented from Dr. Bedford's family -- the first person in the world to be frozen in cryonic suspension. During his childhood, John's dad and mom kept frozen brains in the garage freezer. It wasn't to teach John the skills of cryonics or chainsaw murdering. It was for a physicians' neuro anatomy atlas John's dad was writing....

Influenced by writers, John studied Film at NYU and Creative Writing and Film at USC. The subject of his writing came quickly. Cryonics and regenerative biotech. Several years before John joined Alcor as a cryonics insurance policy, John met family friend David Beverly. Dave was a childhood friend of Jerry Leaf, the man who cryopreserved more people in the world than anyone. John benefited from the amazing stories about Jerry and Life Extension pioneer Saul Kent.

John has also been influenced by the careers of gerontological biotech and stem cell trailblazer (email advisor) Mike West and healthspan and SENS pioneer Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Currently, John is devoted to making "The Futurists", an action laced drama about the untold world of extreme regenerative healthcare right under our noses.